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Collection Crunch-Smart

1 490,00₹ Prix original
745,00₹Prix promotionnel
Couleurs disponibles
    • FULL GRAIN LEATHER We bring you the finest and strongest quality leather that will age beautifully and uniquely with its natural impressions that wear well with you
    • ANTI-BACTERIAL LEATHER Your health and wellbeing is important to us! It’s not just a coating, leather is processed for Anti-Bacterial properties against microbes
    • CRAFTED BY HIGHLY SKILLED ARTISANS Precision, attention to detail, and aesthetic perfection which leads to craft passionately for personality exclusively
    • WORLD CLASS FITTINGS Embellish with the solid metallic fittings from brands trusted world-wide for their high quality, ensuring the hassle-free functions and long life
    • RFID PROTECTED Special RFID signal blocking fabric is used to protect contactless chip enabled payment cards from being hacked, skimmed and cloned
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